Office of the Tax Collector

The Tax Collector is elected every four years and must reside in the Township. Section 1001 of the Second Class Township Code provides for the powers and duties of the Tax Collector as follows:

  • The tax collector shall collect all county, township, school, institution district.
  • HA Berkheimer & Associates is designated in the tax-levying ordinance or resolution or be employed by the tax-levying authority to collect taxes levied under “The Local Tax Enabling Act.”
  • The Tax collector shall exercise all the powers and perform all the duties and be subject to all the obligations and responsibilities for the collection of taxes as are conferred upon tax collectors by law.
  • The Pittston Township tax collector is responsible for the collection of real estate taxes.
  • e-Collect is responsible for collection of Mercantile Taxes

Tax Collector

Rita Timonte is the current Tax Collector for Pittston Township

Office Address:
12 East Oak Street
Pittston, PA 18640

Telephone Number:

The Tax Office will normally be open the following hours:
Rebate Period – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – 5:30 to 8pm
Face and Penalty Period Monday 5:30 to 8 PM

Additional Hours:

Tax Information

Emergency Service Tax .25 mills
Real Estate Tax .25 mills
Resident Earned Income Tax Percent 0.5%
Non Resident Earned Income Tax Percent 1%
Local Service Tax (EMS) Dollars $ 47
Realty Transfer Tax Percent 0.5%
Mercantile Tax
Wholesale Mills 1.00
Retail Mills 1.50
Mechanical Devices Dollars As Per Schedule
Amusement Tax 10%
Accident Report Fees $ 15
Refuse Collection Fees $1
Sign Tax $ 50


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